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Your Health Journey Awaits

Learn which tier of support is right for you!

Learn which level is right for you!

Your Health Journey Awaits

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Learn which tier of support is right for you & your anti-inflammatory health journey!

 Level 1: Download Julie's FREE Guides

Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid & Guide

Tired of feeling low on energy, moody, achy, brain fogged, and bloated? 
Download my "Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid & Guide" to ignite true health & vitality so you can get back to what you love most... LIVING YOUR FULLEST LIFE! 

The Ultimate Nutrition Checklist

The best way to build and keep health and vitality is to learn the most important nutrients you need to avoid deficiencies. The "Ultimate Nutrition Checklist" makes it easy for you to know! (Plus, want two recipes that covers all your bases? We have you covered!)

11 Food Solutions To Balance Hormones

Millions of people suffer from hormone imbalance and don't even know it. Hormone imbalance can cause a wide variety of problems, including weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, hair loss, and more. This is why I created a first step forward for those trying to find answers. Learn which foods support weight balance, all-day energy, and a buoyant mood!

 Level 2: Read Julie's Books & Try Sugar Balance

 4 Best-Selling & Award-Winning Books

Are you ready to enjoy delicious, easy-to-make recipes that can heal your body? Join 100,000+ others who have conquered pain, recovered from illness and transformed their health using the information and recipes from my books.

Sugar Balance Supplement

Experience a new level of health and happiness with the #1 Science-Backed Formula that balances blood sugar so you can fire on all cylinders! Get back to what matters most... LIVING. Plus, gain access to over $644 of FREE sugar-free lifestyle support bonuses with your purchase!

 Level 3: Self-Study Julie’s Foundational Programs

The Anti-Inflammatory Food Masterclass

My Anti-Inflammatory Food Masterclass will help you eliminate your pain of bloating, brain fog, achy joints, sleepless nights, poor digestion, and lack of energy in just 7 simple steps!

Hot Detox Weekend Reset: A Brand New 
3-Day Warm Cleanse

Ready for a reset? In just three days you can have increased mental clarity, decreased stress, a huge surge in energy AND an inch off your waist just by enjoying my delicious and brand new 3-Day Warm Cleanse.

Meals That Heal 101: The Fundamentals Of Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition

This is the ultimate crash course on anti-inflammatory nutrition! Overcome painful inflammation, prevent disease, gain more energy, supercharge your mood & mental clarity, improve your digestion, and ignite your genetic potential with healing foods.

 Level 4: Get LIVE Weekly Group Coaching From 5 Health Experts

Thrive Hive - All Hands On Health™ 
Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Coaching Membership

Join Thrive Hive for expert advice from our team of health and wellness professionals, gain support from your fellow Thrivers, and go from “just surviving” to “thriving”!

 Level 5: Take Julie’s More In-Depth Programs with LIVE Support

Hot Detox Full Body Cleanse: 21-Day 
Anti-Inflammatory Detox Program

My Hot Detox Full Body Cleanse will cleanse your body safely & effectively with warming foods that help you heal from the inside out without you ever feeling deprived. Enjoy 30-Days of LIVE support & coaching inside Thrive Hive as a complimentary bonus when you join today!

Becoming Sugar-Free 30-Day Challenge

Quit sugar for good in 30 days with LlVE support & coaching inside Thrive Hive without letting go of your favourite flavours & embrace a naturally sweet life you love!

 Level 6: Transform Your Health With Personalized Coaching

100-Day Personalized Transformation Program & 1-On-1 Coaching Experience

We are now accepting a few people into the Personalized 100-Day Transformation Program. If that's you, my team and I will personally work with you one-on-one on your health to help you create lasting vitality, unshakable wellness, and a pain-free life over the next 3 months.



 "My digestive tract is pristine...I mean PRISTINE!"
 "working with julie for 10 months & already lost 100lbs"
 "I have totally transformed this area of my life"
 "Now, my joint pain is gone!"
 "It's like i've got my life back again"
 "I feel free, I feel great, I feel healthy!"
 "Today's the first day i put on a pair of jeans that I hadn't taken out of my closet for 20 years & they actually fit"
 "I have more energy than I have ever had before! My skin has just cleared up"
 "i am three and a half years disease free"
 "The money that i've investED into myself is so worth it"
 "My joints don't hurt, My CRP is better"
 "I'M FEELING LIKE I'M IN MY twenties!"




"It Has Changed My Life!"
"Julie, I can't tell you how awesome I've been feeling; the confidence and energy that I have gained and compliments that I have received. Thank you so much for your program. It has changed my life. It really works and I recommend it to everyone." - Robin
"I Have So Much Energy!"
"I have no more inflammation in my joints and it has just been amazing. I also had an Achilles problem with my left foot, the inflammation around that has absolutely disappeared within a month of going on Julie's meal plan and I tell you I have not had so much energy  in my entire life." - Marg 
"I Am Off Refined Sugars!"
"After years of struggling with my sugar addiction I can now proudly say that I am off refined sugars - yay, and feel much better for it. This herculean feat alone is definitely worth the price of admission, and I still reaped so much more from the program." - Roma
"Before I met Julie, I was unhappy, unhealthy, and basically a hot mess.  I was so stressed that my life was a cycle of eating, watching TV, snacking, working & more snacking.

By week 3 of the program I wasn’t crying or feeling anxious. I went into this wanting to lose weight and I lost over 35 pounds. My skin issues cleared up, my stress is under control, my brain fog is gone & I have so much clarity of thought.

Most importantly I am now my own friend…and that means more than anything. I found myself in this process and I think Julie knew that would happen all along."



"I tried every “diet” you can imagine, and I couldn’t understand why I was still bloated and lethargic. The numbers on the scale kept creeping up! Then I met Julie Daniluk. She taught me to let go of the “DIEit” and embrace a “LIVEit”. With the new skill set that Julie taught me I was able to eat foods that helped sustain my energy and keep my emotions balanced. In this whole journey, I have never felt deprived- not once! I no longer crave junk food!

My body responded fast and the swelling went down, my calves shrunk, and I realized that I actually do have a waistline! My eyes became brighter and my movement became more flexible. There is even new energy that has sparked in my relationship.

I’ve gone from having painful inflammation, sciatica pain, not being able to walk, mental fog to clarity, a bounce in my step, exercising daily and now enjoying living in a pain-free body. The bonus side effect is the weight loss, so far down 55 pounds! My life insurance rates have been substantially reduced due to my better health. My business success has also skyrocketed as a result of having more energy and improved mental health. Julie’s educating style and support have made me a fan for LIFE! 

I will always remember when I met Julie for the first time. I told her all about my emotional and physical pain and she held my hand and said, “Are you ready for a change?” 

I said a loud YES! If you are reading this right now, it tells me that YOU are ready too! You got this. If I can do it, I KNOW you can do it! Welcome to the world of feeling good!"



"I was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) when I was in my early 20s and was on and off medication for almost 20 years. 

During this time period, I used various drugs to help control my poor focus but in turn I suffered horrible side effects that included headaches, irritability, dizziness, cottonmouth, a resting heart rate of 100 bpm, depression, anxiety and trouble sleeping.

I went to see Julie to improve my overall health, but I was very surprised to discover that cutting sugar and gluten from my diet also helped control my ADHD symptoms better than medication.

The first month was hard (and I can’t lie that my cravings were bad) but suddenly I was noticeably a lot calmer and focused at work. I no longer had to read people’s lips in fear of losing track of conversations.

I now completely control my ADHD by diet alone without the need of drugs to function day to day. I’m still high energy, and always will be, but now I’m able to function a lot better and I am so grateful to find tasty substitutions to stick with this sugar-free lifestyle for good!”



"Over the years I learned to perfect my ability to hide my food binging. I would go after work and buy chips and chocolates and salty snacks. I took the leap and began my journey with Julie to reduce inflammation and kick sugar to the curb. Thanks to Julie's coaching, I have no more sugar crashes!

I have reduced joint pain, have clearer thought, improved digestion, dramatically reduced migraines but that is not all. My depression has lifted, my liver enzymes and inflammation markers are normalizing and I have lost 53 pounds and counting!

This has rubbed off on my husband too, and he is down 30 pounds and loves our new menu. I am happy to say we both know that this will increase our vitality and allow us to enjoy our golden years to the fullest!"



“Working up to 14 hours on television sets, my energy often plummeted. I found myself completely addicted to sugar - dreaming of what would next satisfy my endless passion for sweet.

When I learned from Julie how dangerous sugar can be i.e. creating hormonal imbalances and increased inflammation, I decided to cut sugar out. My addiction had become so serious that I got the shakes, headaches and anxiety when my blood sugar dropped low.

All of that is behind me now and I feel incredible freedom. I am able to enjoy the natural sweetness in food and learned so many of Julie’s fun sugar-free recipes that I don’t miss sugar at all!”
“I am always learning from Julie/Lynn/Alan, I have combatted Candida, removed harmful medications, switched medications to more natural medications, lost 45 lbs, keeping my low carb, no sugar live it.

I have been IF at least 5-6 days per week. I have learned how to have healthy snacks at my fingertips. I have learned about supplements, understand what works for me.

I have been so thankful for the support from the Daniluk team, Thrive Hive and the support from my husband who is eating and living the Live it by my side.

My friends and family see how hard I have worked. I look forward to 2022 to continue my journey and my new found Live It!
"I cannot say much more other than Julie and her ENTIRE team took me towards wellness and helped me dodge inevitable and multiple issues with “dis” ease.

The changes came through education, loving support and effective movement on a physical and emotional level.

My biggest accomplishment was letting go of emotional eating, and learning how inflammatory foods wreaks havoc on my mind, body and soul. She doesn’t just take away sugar and trigger foods; she also gives healing substitutions while focusing on food, fitness and fun! Her recipes are all super easy and adaptable.

My BEFORE picture is full of physical and emotional pain. If you feel pain, lost, hopeless and “stuck”, this is the program you have been waiting for! Take a deep breath and jump in!"
“I used to have acne that would NOT clear up, no matter how much money I would invest in high-end natural skin care. That was until Julie made me realize my problem was my nutrition! 

I wouldn't get a glowing and acne-free skin by using a good cleanser and facial cream...I needed a more important diet investigation. I used to eat really well 80% of the time (no sugar, wheat or dairy), and would allow myself to indulge in treats 20% of the time. 

The problem is that in those treats were a ton of foods that created inflammation in my body, resulting in acne! The oat milk in my lattes, the occasional beer, the corn chips were derailing my efforts and giving me pimples. 

With the elimination protocol that Julie guided me through, I now know exactly what makes me react and I stay away from those foods! The 5 minute pleasure is not worth the huge impact on my health."

In 4 weeks she experienced:

  • ​Weight loss of 40lbs
  • ​No more PMS
  • ​More focused & productive
  • ​Greater brain power
  • ​​More tolerance & compassion
  • ​Inflammation down 73%
  • ​More energy & less anxious
  • ​Desire to exercise
  • ​Greater desire for healthy food
  • ​Better skin
  • ​Less appetite for junk food
  • ​Arthritis pain disappeared
  • ​Better sleep
  • ​No bloating
  • ​And so much more!






Step One

Build a strong foundation of knowledge about what inflammation is, how it affects our health, and how we can resolve it with an anti-inflammatory lifestyle by reading my best-selling books & taking my online programs.

Step Two

Tap into ongoing support from expert coaches, mentors, & your fellow peers as you build your anti-inflammatory Live-It with other thriving health enthusiasts. Accountability is what makes the lasting changes that we all want and deserve.

Step Three

Unlock your fullest health potential with personalized coaching & support to address your specific health issues and goals. This will allow you to completely transform your health with laser sharp precision.



We took a small group through our unique Transformation process and measured the average difference between blood tests to determine the key inflammation markers from day 0 to 180. Check out the amazing results we documented!




 An anti-inflammatory dietary protocol as a potential intervention for chronic pain and inflammatory disorders.
A case series report by Julie Daniluk R.N.C.P,
Lynne Rancette N.D., Tom Cook M.D., Elliot Jacobson M.D.

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