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Say goodbye to sugar & hello to freedom

Quit Sugar for Good In 30 Days With LIVE Support & Coaching Without Letting Go Of Your Favourite Flavours & Embrace A Naturally Sweet Life You Love!

 $6,846 of value with your "2 for the price of 1" purchase today.

Say goodbye to sugar & hello to freedom

Quit Sugar for Good In 30 Days With LIVE Support & Coaching Without Letting Go Of Your Favourite Flavours & Embrace A Naturally Sweet Life You Love!

  $6,846 of value with your "2 for the price of 1" purchase today!

 Feel balanced from the inside out

 Unlock your greatest vitality

 Get back on the healthy track fast


"Help you say goodbye to harmful sugars using the most effective nutrition and human psychology practices to create vitality that fuels your passions in life"

A way of living that nourishes you mind, body and soul... a live-it, not a diet!


Years Nutrition Experience


Sugar Freedom Fighters


Challenge for Quitting Sugar

Who The 30-Day Challenge is perfect for...

Type 2 Diabetics

The healthy practices inside this course can improve insulin sensitivity, reducing the symptoms caused by Type 2 Diabetes. Life without sugar can be delicious and liberating if the right steps are followed, and I am here to guide you through the process with ease. It's never too late to change your life for the better using cutting edge science & research.

Menopausal Woman

Women over 50 see a sharp change in hormones during menopause, often causing weight gain and blood sugar imbalances. The coaching & practices in Becoming Sugar-Free stabilizes blood sugar, which can reduce hot flashes and may even reduce irritability.  Unlock your full potential & change the way you enjoy your 50s and beyond. 

Health Enthusiasts & Biohackers

Biohackers now understand that reducing insulin resistance is one of the most powerful ways to improve performance and longevity. Balanced blood sugar is critical for sharp memory, improved liver function, increased energy and a healthy heart. 

Those Needing Weight Loss

Eating refined food that raises your blood sugar leads to an increase in insulin, the hormone that tells the body to store sugar as body fat. By using this program to balance your blood sugar, you can increase the production of the hormone glucagon, which burns stored fat and can even improve metabolism to help you lose weight.

People Wanting To Crush Cravings

Sugar and flour cravings are not your fault. Refined carbohydrates cause a sharp rise in insulin, the hormone that shuttles the sugar into storage, which in turn causes blood sugar lows and more sugar and starch cravings. By using Becoming Sugar-Free, you can reduce the rollercoaster of of highs and lows leading to reduced food cravings

People Suffering From Inflammation

Consistent elevated blood sugar causes  inflammation in arteries (causing heart disease), inflammation in the eyes (causing cataracts), high blood pressure (causing kidney dysfunction),  cross linking of collagen (causing wrinkles), and damage to cartilage (contributing to arthritis). This 30-Day Challenge is an essential tool in the fight against aging. 

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Becoming Sugar-Free

Becoming Sugar-Free

30-Day Challenge

30-Day Challenge

30-Day Access To Thrive Hive Coaching Membership For LIVE Weekly Coaching & Support ($1,482 Value)

The group coaching calls make it simple to ask your burning questions LIVE each week and get the answers you need to keep your momentum going. You can feel good knowing that the answers you receive are coming from years of research and experience and this support will fast-track your health results and have you feeling your best quickly. (30-DAY ACCESS)

30 Days Of Video Coaching From Julie Daniluk ($997 Value)

This training makes it a snap for you to create your personal sugar-free lifestyle with ease, saving years of money and time knowing that you have a proven system to follow. You will reach your health goals faster and easier. (LIFETIME ACCESS)

Becoming Sugar-Free Success Power Pack Tools ($547 Value)

These tools make it easy to take what you learn from the daily video coaching and immediately put it into practice in your life. The information inside each tool is brought to life with Julie's video guidance on each tool. You'll know what a perfect portion looks like for you, identify which foods work best for you, and easily find those foods at the grocery store so you can stop wasting your precious time and money on things that don't work. It's like having Julie looking right over your shoulder as you use each tool. (LIFETIME ACCESS)
  • Tool #1 The NEW “One-Pager” Interactive Digital Workbook For Each Video Lesson
  • Tool #2 Becoming Sugar-Free Shopping Video Guide & List To Save Time & Money
  • Tool #3 Recorded Sugar-Free Shopping Tour with Julie 
  • Tool #4 Sugar-Free Food Journal Template To Easily Identifying Harmful Foods
  • ​​​Tool #5 Perfect Portions Guide For Ideal Energy & Weight Balance
  • ​Tool #6 Julie's Ready-Made Sugar-Free Products Recommendations Guide
  • ​Tool #7 Healthy Sweeteners Guide For Easy Sugar-Free Cooking & Baking
  • Tool #8 Julie's Top Tips & Tricks For Becoming Sugar-Free While Dinning Out 
  • Tool #9 “Live-It For Life” After Challenge Blueprint For Unstoppable Results

5 BSF Cooking Classes, 60 Recipes, 3 Menu Plans ($397 Value)

This gives you everything you need to cook and plan your sugar-free menu (and find direct substitutions for your favourite foods and meals), enjoy sugar-free recipes with all the delicious flavours you love without years of trial and error, and have a lifestyle that feels expansive and exciting rather than restrictive and bland. (LIFETIME ACCESS)

30-Day Access To BSF Challenge Community within Thrive Hive ($297 Value)

This supportive community is a stress-free way to get your questions answered by expert coaches, be inspired by others, and have the love, support, and community you need to manifest your health goals. (30-DAY ACCESS)

Total Value: $3,423

Normally $697

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Why do it alone? With this awesome two for the price of one bonus, you will be able to take on the 30-Day Becoming Sugar-free Challenge with the support of whoever you want! That’s right, you and a person of your choice will hold each other accountable over the next 30 days as you kick sugar to the curb together and embrace a naturally sweet life!

You Have 30 Days Of LIVE Coaching From Julie & Team To Show Sugar Who's Boss...

Do You Accept?

 $6,846 of value with your "2 for the price of 1" purchase today.

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Only Accepting 100 Challengers Per Week To Maximize Results

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Big Bonus

FREE VIP Pass For Guest To Becoming Sugar-Free Together
($3,423 Value)

Barbara Tronzo

"It was an extreme pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful 30-day program. It was filled with knowledge, wisdom, enthusiasm, passion, love and a great deal of effort by the team. It was a truly enjoyable process. Grateful and blessed to have experienced this journey."

Why Do It Alone?

You and a person of your choice will hold each other accountable over the next 30 days as you kick sugar to the curb together and embrace a naturally sweet life!

You each will gain access to:
 30 Days Of Video Coaching From Julie Daniluk ($997 Value)
 30-Day Access To Thrive Hive Coaching Membership For LIVE Weekly Coaching & Support ($1,482 Value)
 Becoming Sugar-Free Success Power Pack Tools ($547 Value)
 5 BSF Cooking Classes, 60 Recipes, 3 Menu Plans ($397 Value)
 30-Day Access To BSF Challenge Community within Thrive Hive ($297 Value)
You will receive a one-time coupon code via email to give to your  Becoming Sugar-free partner after your completed purchase.
 That's $3,423 of value for your VIP guest when you purchase today!

“A rising tide lifts all boats" - John F Kennedy

Bonus #2

30-Day Access To Thrive Hive Coaching Membership
($1,482 Value)


"I've completely turned my life around with the support of Thrive Hive. I have broken many unhealthy habits. I have quite refined sugar which is a huge accomplishment for me.

I'm dancing again and making sure each day includes something active. I was in a health slump before Thrive Hive just sitting on the couch a lot and playing mindless phone games and feeling very down. Now I listen to TH support calls in the morning, I stand up if I have to scroll my phone, I go to bed and get up earlier, I'm eating lots of veggies and enjoy cooking again. TH has had a profound impact on my life."

“The #1 reason people fail at transforming their lives is a lack of motivation and support...

Thrive Hive is a health and wellness support group that combines science-backed health solutions with inspiring and effective motivational techniques to help you reach your wellness goals.

Gain access to our team of 5 experts that has over 80 years of combined experience and education in not just physical health, but also mental health and motivational exercises.

The secret that makes becoming a Thrive Hive member so extraordinarily valuable is our All Hands On Health™ approach, which combines our team members’ experience to provide you with modern and highly effective methods of neuroscience, anti-inflammatory nutrition, herbology, movement, yoga, and meditation to attack your health limitations at all angles until we find what works for you.
Included In Thrive Hive: 
    • ​Weekly group coaching calls with Julie or Thrive Hive Coaches (Value: $597)
    • ​Members-Only Community on our secure website, NOT Facebook! (Value: $297)
    • ​Thrive Hive Website, where you access your members-only documents, recipes, movement trainings, meditations, and coaching call recordings (Value: $297)
    • ​A monthly training bundle: documents, checklists, PDFs (Value: $97)
    • ​Masterclasses with guest experts (Value: $97) 
    • ​30-Day challenges for a chance to win a grand prize every month (Value: $97)
    TOTAL VALUE: $1,482
    Regular Price: $119 CAD/monthly
    Join the Becoming Sugar-free Challenge today & get 30 days of FREE access to the Thrive Hive Membership for LIVE coaching & support.

     What Sugar Kickers Are Saying...

    Roxanne G
    "I am always learning from Julie - I have combatted chronic yeast, removed harmful medications, and lost 45 lbs!

    I have learned how to have healthy snacks at my fingertips. I have learned about what food choices really work for me. I have been so thankful for the support to eat healthy and now I can live life to the max. Now I can sit cross legged. Now I can garden without pain. Now I have dozens of solutions to help me let go of sugar and flour for good.

    My friends and family see how much I have transformed! I look forward to 2022 to continue my journey and my new found Live It!"
    Sylvia Marusyk
    “I grew up in a home with nothing but the very best in German baking! It was not uncommon for us to have cake for breakfast!  I had a sugar addiction that I fought my whole life! Sometimes I won and when I was stressed or upset, I lost it. 
    When I started coaching with Julie two years ago, I finally kicked the battle with sugar for good! I have discovered that Julie has substitutions for everything you can imagine, satisfying a desire for dessert or carbs. I have even learned to take her principles and create my own unique creations that are worthy of even my families praise!

    The freedom that comes with kicking an addiction is difficult to explain but it is life changing. I HAVE NEVER FELT BETTER!"
    "Before I met Julie, I was unhappy, unhealthy, and basically a hot mess.  I was so stressed that my life was a cycle of eating, watching TV, snacking, working and more snacking…
    By week 3 of the program I wasn’t crying or feeling anxious. I went into this wanting to lose weight and I lost over 35 pounds. My skin issues cleared up, my stress is under control, my brain fog is gone and I have so much clarity of thought. Most importantly I am now my own friend…and that means more than anything. I found myself in this process and I think Julie knew that would happen all along."
    Sue K.
    "While working outside with my Grandson who is six, I thought to myself wow, he hasn't stopped talking since waking up…then I smiled and reflected that it is 2:00 p.m. and I am still listening to his constant (and funny) chatter.

    Back in May, June, and July...I would have been too tired and had a mid-afternoon nap. Different story since August when I switched to Anti-Inflammatory Live-It.

    Now we were actively outside and thoroughly enjoying each other's company. While working away, I quietly reflected on being sugar-free, gluten-free and yeast-free for 7 weeks and giving thanks for all the foods that helped me accomplish this.

    A while later my Grandson reached to hold my hand while on a hike and said, "Grandma, did the vegetables take away the pain in your fingers?” 

    Yes, they definitely did! So grateful!"
    Tanya Scata
    “Working up to 14 hours on television sets, my energy often plummeted. I found myself completely addicted to sugar - dreaming of what would next satisfy my endless passion for sweet.
    When I learned from Julie how dangerous sugar can be i.e. creating hormonal imbalances and increased inflammation, I decided to cut sugar out. My addiction had become so serious that I got the shakes, headaches and anxiety when my blood sugar dropped low.

    All of that is behind me now and I feel incredible freedom. I am able to enjoy the natural sweetness in food and learned so many of Julie’s fun sugar-free recipes that I don’t miss sugar at all!
    Nancy Sullivan
    "The day 7 video of the Becoming Sugar-Free program is AMAZING!

    I am grateful for you, Julie! I am grateful for you sharing a difficult experience with food! I could feel your “past pain”! I so appreciate you being vulnerable! This makes it real!
    Every cook book I own or Chef/Nutritionist I see on TV or social media I would say to myself: “sure they eat the way they eat because it is easy for them”. I wish a book/program would be created by someone who struggled with food/ emotional eating/ cravings etc

     It is refreshing to know that you have been there! Your testimony is more effective in the video than if you would have shared it in your book! 

    The real stories you share give hope to others doubting themselves!!!!!

    Thank you for being real!"
    Patty Smith
    "Hi Julie, thank you for checking in with me. I am really grateful that you and your program came to my attention, that's thanks to Patti, a dear friend of mine who's also registered in this session. 

    I'm 100% in and enjoying the recipes and all the support materials and your videos and the community very much! My roster is full and I'm delighted with the results I'm already seeing. My kitchen is undergoing a major transformation, as I feel I am too! So, yes, thank you very much." 

    In 6 months she experienced:

    • ​Weight loss of 40 lbs
    • ​No more PMS
    • ​More focused and productive
    • ​Greater brain power
    • ​​More tolerance and compassion
    • ​Inflammation markers down 73%
    • ​More energy & less anxious
    • ​Desire to exercise
    • ​A greater desire for healthy food
    • ​Better skin
    • ​Less appetite for junk food
    • ​Arthritis pain disappeared
    • ​Better sleep
    • ​No bloating




    You Have 30 Days Of LIVE Coaching From Julie & Team To Show Sugar Who's Boss Just Like These Sugar Kickers Above...

    Do You Accept?

     $6,846 of value with your "2 for the price of 1" purchase today!
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