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 How To Replace Diets For Good By Building An Anti-Inflammatory Live-It That Supercharges Your Health & Vitality
 How To Turn Your Unhealthy Habits Into Healthy Opportunities Without Giving Up Your Favourite Flavours
 How To Set Up Your Environment & Testing So That It Supports Your Success Rather Than Thwarts It.
 PLUS, so much more anti-inflammatroy lifestyle goodness!
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Thursday, FEBRUARY 9TH at 7 PM EST
Julie Daniluk is a nutritionist, award-winning author, TV host, anti-inflammatory food & detox expert, and founder of Meals That Heal, Hot Detox & Becoming Sugar-Free.

Julie recovered from chronic arthritis & colitis, struggled with emotional eating, and documented her healing journey into 4 award-winning books that have changed the lives of thousands.

She now coaches a global audience about how to embrace anti-inflammatory nutrition, breaking free from sugar and how to safely detoxify the body to create a new way of eating that is unique to their needs. She calls this a "live-it" rather than a "die-it".
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