How To Powerfully Break Free From Sugar Cravings That Are Keeping You Sick, Tired & Unhappy...
And Put Your Body Into A Healing State That Turns ON Your Genetic Potential WITHOUT Giving Up Sweets, Bread, Muffins, And EVEN Cookies.
(+ how I kick sugar to the curb for 14 years without feeling restricted)
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The #1 reasons why people trying to break up with sugar fail... & what to do about it.
How to upgrade your willpower & finally start getting results.
How to use set up your environment to live a naturally sweet life with ease.
About Your Presenter
Julie Daniluk is a nutritionist, award-winning author, TV host, anti-inflammatory food & sugar-free expert, and founder of Meals That Heal, Hot Detox, & Becoming Sugar-Free.

Julie recovered from chronic arthritis & colitis, overcame an eating disorder, and documented her healing journey into 4 award-winning books that have changed the lives of thousands.

She now coaches a global audience about how to reduce painful inflammation, break-up with sugar and embrace an naturally sweet life. Julie helps others create a new way of eating that is unique to their needs. She calls this a "live-it" rather than a "die-it". 
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